Who is Sudan Relief Fund

Sudan Relief Fund was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization because we saw the tremendous need to provide the people of South Sudan and the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan with emergency relief and support.

In 2011, South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan after years of bloody civil war. Unfortunately, that peace was short lived, and conflict with different factions within South Sudan led to another civil war, this time within the new nation. The conflicts have caused the deaths of nearly 2.5 million people and have driven more than two million people to become refugees inside and outside the country1. The World Health Organization has called the crisis in South Sudan one of the worst health emergencies in the world2. Because of the grave hunger crisis and widespread displacement situation, the people are in drastic need of assistance.

South Sudan’s population must deal with major humanitarian issues, including the rampant spread of diseases such as malaria (one of the main causes of death), massive poverty and homelessness, tragically high levels of famine, and extreme weather conditions that damage farms and block roads. Though the violence is in decline, the people still live in fear of raids from rebel groups. A recent bloody war breaking out in neighboring Sudan threatens the Nuba people of that nation and continues to drive fleeing Sudanese families into an already under-resourced South Sudan.

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Agok Leper Colony - Sudan Relief Fund

Agok Leper ColonyFranciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa

Providing medicine, food, living accommodations, and training skills to a once shunned and forgotten people suffering with leprosy.

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Wau Refugee Camps - Sudan Relief Fund

Wau Refugee CampsSr. Josephine Mutyembu

Serving refugees by providing medicine, food, clean water, and shelter.

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Catholic Health Training Institute - Sudan Relief Fund

Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI)Sr. Esperance Bamiriyo, Principal

The CHTI trains young men and women from all over the South Sudan to become certified nurses and midwives. It is the first RN and SRN certified program in the nation.

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Malakal Refugee Camp - Sudan Relief Fund

Malakal Refugee CampBishop Stephen Nyodho

Providing immediate needs to thousands of Sudanese and returning South Sudanese refugees escaping war in Sudan, including emergency food, water, temporary shelter supplies, and a lifeboat to rescue families from the warzone.

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St. Mary’s Church of Malakal - Sudan Relief Fund

St. Mary’s Church of MalakalBishop Stephen Nyodho

Restoring hope and strengthening communities through renovating St. Mary’s Church of Malakal, including providing a new, sturdy roof after the church was damaged in violent conflicts and natural disaster.

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Loreto Rumbek School - Sudan Relief Fund

Loreto School for GirlsSr. Orla Treacy

Provide girls a safe place to learn. Support agricultural programs.

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Leper Colony of Malo - Sudan Relief Fund

Leper Colony of MaloSisters of Charity

Bringing hope to hundreds of families suffering from this terrible disease. Turning their lives around through medicine, healthcare, agricultural programs, infrastructure, and occupational training.

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Sisters of Charity Orphange - Sudan Relief Fund

Sisters of Charity OrphanageSisters of Charity

The only orphanage in Rumbek that will care for infants, these Sisters and skilled nurses treat hundreds of malnourished abandoned, and orphaned babies with medical care, tenderness, and dignity.

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Saint Bakhita Orphanage - Sudan Relief Fund

Saint Bakhita OrphanageSr. Bianca Bii

Clean water, food, basic medicine, and medical service to children.

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Ave Maria Parish - Sudan Relief Fund

Ave Maria ParishFr. Avelino Bassols

Providing education from kindergarten through secondary school, vocational training, and healthcare services.

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Nzara Hospital - Sudan Relief Fund

Nzara HospitalFred Otieno

Healing children and adults sick with malaria, pneumonia, leprosy, tuberculosis, and other diseases.

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Nzara HIV - Sudan Relief Fund

Nzara HIV ProgramComboni Missionary Sisters

Giving children born with HIV a future through education and healthcare.

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Tombura-Yambio Diocese - Sudan Relief Fund

Tombura-Yambio DioceseBishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala

Programs in education, clean water, food relief, medicine, orphan support, and much more.

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Women's Center - Sudan Relief Fund

Women’s CenterBlue Sisters

Provide assistance to women, including young girls and teenagers, who have been raped, abused, or abandoned amid the violent conflicts that have plagued the region for years.

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Solidarity Teacher Training College - Sudan Relief Fund

Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC)Sr. Margaret, Principal

STTC provides a 2-year study program preparing the next generation of teachers in a liberal arts curriculum. To date over 734 teachers have graduated with a Certificate in Primary Teaching.

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Nzara Hospital - Sudan Relief Fund

Christian Brothers of InstructionBr. Achilles Kiwanuka

Originally an education mission founded in 1940, the Christian Brothers of Instruction have rebuilt and revived programs to serve thousands of area refugee children in need of education.

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St. Paul Seminary Project - Sudan Relief Fund

St. Paul Seminary ProjectBr. Bernhard Hengl – Development Director of the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference

Seminary to teach and train future priests the message of peace and salvation.

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Catholic University - Sudan Relief Fund

Catholic UniversityFr. Mathew Pagan, PhD.

Only fully-functioning college in South Sudan with programs in Economics, Business, Education, Agriculture, and Computer Science, with an emphasis on character development.

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St. Clare's Home for Children - Sudan Relief Fund

Support for Children of JubaFr. Federico Gandolfi, OFM

Partnering with the Franciscans to provide food, healthcare, moral education and social support through sports programs to impoverished and at-risk children in South Sudan’s capital city of Juba.

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Clean Water Projects - Sudan Relief Fund

Clean Water ProjectsArchbishop H.G. Stephen Ameyu

Creation of wells for water that is clean, safe, and reliably available.

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Mother of Mercy Hospital - Sudan Relief Fund

Mother of Mercy HospitalDr. Tom Catena

Only hospital in Sudan’s Nuba Mountain region, which serves a population of more than half a million people.

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Gigaiba Hospital - Sudan Relief Fund

Gigaiba HospitalDr. Ahmed Zakariah

After receiving years of hands-on surgical training from Dr. Tom, Nuba born Dr. Ahmed Zacharia is now saving lives at the new Gigaiba Hospital.

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With the help of our donors, we have provided our partners with critical lifesaving food, clean water, shelter, clothing, medicine, and more. For more than 25 years we have a proven track record of saving lives and providing relief to people in the starkest of situations.

Ultimately, our hope and objective is to help South Sudan and the Nuba people of Sudan become safe and self-sustaining. We are taking comprehensive steps to achieve this goal by building schools and hospitals, offering training and educational programs, supporting clean water and agricultural initiatives, and developing an overall strong infrastructure to support hundreds of thousands of people for a sustainable future.

To ensure these projects and our relief efforts are going to those in greatest need, our Senior Vice President, Matt Smith, and our Director of Operations, David Dettoni, travel to South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to visit with leaders and partners on a regular basis.

Every year, Sudan Relief Fund commits on average more than $1 million dollars each to healthcare and medicine, humanitarian aid, and education.

Thanks to our partnerships with various leaders throughout Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda, and most importantly because of the generosity of our donors, we’ve made great strides in improving the lives of the South Sudanese and the oppressed people of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. Despite ongoing challenges, we’re committed to our mission to support them and give them a chance to thrive, improving the lives of millions of suffering men, women, and children.

SRF Director of Operations David Dettoni (left) pictured with Dr. Ahmed Zakariah in the Nuba Mountains.


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