Reverend Brother Achilles Kiwanuka

Brothers of Christian Instruction

Rev. Br. Achilles Kiwanuka is a Sudan Relief Fund partner and member of the religious order known as the Brothers of Christian Instruction in South Sudan and Uganda. Their province is St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, and their mission is two-fold: to equip youth with academic and vocational skills to become self-reliant adults, and to deepen students’ faith in God and their love for humanity.

Brother Achilles holds a Bachelors of Education in English and Literature, and is one of the founding teachers at the South Sudan Mission of the Brothers of Christian Instruction school in Riimenze, a Sudan Relief Fund supported facility. Established in 2013, the mission now runs two schools. The primary school, known as Our Lady of the Assumption, is a boarding school that teaches more than 900 primary aged children, of which nearly 800 are housed in the school’s dormitories. Students come from nearly every state inside South Sudan to attend the school. 

A recent addition is the secondary school, Our Lady of Assumption Vocational College of Riimenze. Begun with 50 students all living in the dormitory setting, its very first graduating senior class ranked number one in the state and number three in the entire country for test scores – a testament to the significant impact the schools are having in their mission to educate South Sudan’s youth, a nation that has traditionally struggled with dismal literacy and school attendance rates. The secondary school offers both academic and vocational skills, which importance cannot be underestimated in lifting future generations from poverty.

“We are so grateful to God for all the support He has bestowed on us through Sudan Relief Fund,” says Brother Achilles, noting how the organization’s help has been integral to the success of the schools and their mission of teaching hearts and minds. “We thank you for the wonderful work you are rendering to God’s people in need…to make a good future for the children of South Sudan.”