Sister Orla Celebrates 25-Year Jubilee with Loreto Rumbek

School Makes Strides to Promote Girls’ Education

Celebrating an Incredible Servant

September 17 marked a day of celebration as members of the Loreto Congregation honored Sister Orla Treacy, Director of Loreto Rumbek Schools, on her Silver Jubilee. For more than 25 years Sister Orla has served the congregation and community, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to sharing God’s love with the people of South Sudan. Some of Sister Orla’s family members were present for the landmark occasion. Sister Orla recalled many joys and struggles during the past 25 years, but noted how God’s grace has brought her through all of it, and she remains focused on the future.

Leaders and Trendsetters in Education

Graduates of the Loreto School for Girls continue to debunk myths and transform stereotypes about women’s education in their country. There are currently thirty female students pursuing higher education in Nairobi, and others attending universities throughout East Africa. We thank the donors of Sudan Relief Fund who support Loreto Schools and are laying the foundation for a brighter future for girls in this nation.

We thank the donors of Sudan Relief Fund who support Loreto Schools and are laying the foundation for a brighter future for girls in this nation.

High Achievers

Students at the Loreto Schools receive a high quality education, which is reflected by the fact that they continue to turn out some of the highest test scores in their state and country. Results of the senior exams were recently released for the Class of 2021-2022, and students from Loreto School for Girls occupied five of the top ten spots in their state. One Loreto student achieved the number one score in the state and placed in the top ten nationwide.

Loreto Health Clinic Expands Outreach

The outreach program of Loreto’s Mary Ward Healthcare Clinic is now serving seven villages in the surrounding community and assisting growing numbers of people. Because of the high demand, the clinic holds outreaches twice weekly for many vulnerable community members who can’t afford medical treatment. The clinic was also one of the only facilities in the region to remain open to serve the public through the duration of the pandemic.

One of the clinic’s highest priorities at present is their nutrition program, to combat the escalating population of malnourished children. This month the clinic enrolled its third intake of at-risk children into the program. These 57 children will come to Loreto Clinic several times over the next three months to participate in the nutrition program, with a goal of reaching healthy wellness objectives by the time they have completed it.

Marching for Peace

Senior students participated in a peace solidarity walk known as the Peace Pilgrimage. It is an annual event at Loreto that gives students an opportunity to go to a different community to enhance their understanding about peace and the people around them. It is also a time to reflect on the country’s challenges and spend quiet time with God. This year they went to Rumbek-East. The seniors were accompanied by the director, priests, sisters, teachers, and were blessed with a beautiful day for the event.