Sudan Relief Funds Helps over 1,000 Orphans and HIV/AIDS Victims in South Sudan

HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest global health challenges of modern times. This problem especially impacts the poor and war-torn country of South Sudan, where medical treatment needed to prevent the virus from spreading is extremely scarce.

In a part of the world where there is little understanding of how to prevent HIV/AIDs, the Sudan Relief Fund provides financial support and medical treatment for those infected. Through the kind and generous support of our donors, over 1,324 beneficiaries in South Sudan are receiving free prophylaxis and opportunistic infection drugs. In addition, 611 orphan children are able to attend school for the entire year tuition free.

Because of you, the Sudan Relief Fund is making great strides in treating those living with HIV/AIDs. Prolonging the lives of these patients through medication, micro-finance, and nutritional support will help those suffering and gain renewed hope.

The Sudan Relief Fund thanks you for your generous gifts.