St. Theresa Hospital Nzara

Every day St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara stands as a place of hope for thousands of people in need of medical care that can’t be found elsewhere in this part of the world.

Many of South Sudan’s state run hospitals have shut down completely – failing from lack of personnel and resources. Only empty structures remain to echo the despairing lack of health care here.  This void leaves tragic numbers of people in need with nowhere to go in times of sickness, injury, or emergency.  

People like pregnant mothers who find themselves in difficult labors. Parents seeking help for a sick child. Without treatment, simple injuries can become deadly. Common scourges like malaria – curable with applicable medicine – can be a death sentence.

The mission of St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara is to turn those stories around into testimonies of healing. To stop preventable deaths where treatment could have saved lives.

Dr. Bol Mayen works in the maternity and surgical wards at St. Theresa Hospital. As someone on the frontlines who sees every day what your partnership means for people in need, he joins us to offer his gratitude for the work being done (see video).

St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara is that place of hope for more than 300,000 people in a population extending from South Sudan to the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Every year, 20,000 patients receive medical care here who wouldn’t have it without this facility. It is in the most literal sense their only hope for hundreds of miles, in a difficult to traverse land.

Because of the generosity and partnership of donors like you, St. Theresa can offer facilities like an operating theater for surgeries, X-ray diagnostics, a maternity ward capable of performing emergency C-sections and critical care for preemies, and a children’s ward. The hospital hosts a blood bank and periodic eye care clinics – services that are unheard of in this region. Your support also provides the vital medicines that make these services possible.

St. Theresa Hospital Nzara is administered by a religious order of nuns called the Comboni Sisters – a small but highly dedicated staff who works nonstop to serve the many needs of those who come here for help. To expand lifesaving efforts, we partner with the CMMB (Catholic Medical Mission Board) to bring critically needed medical care to the people of this region.

One of these partnerships is the Safe Motherhood Project, dedicated to providing a safe environment for mothers to give birth, in a country marked by one of the world’s worst childbirth mortality rates. St. Theresa’s medically supervised environment replaces laboring on a dirt floor in a small hut – which is an all too common and perilous scenario for young women. The program also provides follow-up care for mother and baby during the newborn’s influential first weeks of life.

It’s people like you, with dedicated workers on the ground, who are saving lives and alleviating suffering in this despondent part of the world. Every day it makes the difference between life and death. We’re so grateful for your partnership. 

There are so many ways to help that make an incredible impact. St. Theresa Hospital is fully funded by charitable support. Learn how you can help by sharing a gift or joining our prayer team here.

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