Eman Gabriel

Eman Gabriel Kuku is a 2-year-old whose family is from Dabakaya, Sudan. Her father explained that one morning, Eman woke up and was unable to get out of her bed. She couldn’t walk or move at all – she was essentially paralyzed. She was taken to the village pharmacy dispensary and then a clinic a few hours away where she was given antimalarial drugs. These drugs did little to help with her paralysis. Eman and her family were then finally referred to the Mother of Mercy Hospital.

Eman Gabriel and Her Mother

Eman was admitted and immediately put on a series of lifesaving drugs. Less than five days after she was admitted, she was able to move her hands again, and within a month, she could move her chest, hands, and torso. Throughout her recovery, her older sister was by her side, providing her with a sense of comfort and safety,

Eman’s father is eternally grateful to Dr. Tom Catena’s team and Sudan Relief Fund for supplying Mother of Mercy Hospital with the lifesaving diagnosis and medicine that cured her.