The Road to Peace in South Sudan

Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala is no stranger to poverty and violence.

He was only two months old when his mother was killed during an attack on their village. He spent his childhood living in a refugee camp and can easily recall moments of fear, pain, and suffering.

For many years, Bishop Kussala held onto hate and anger. But today, he is one of the most passionate advocates for peace in his war-torn country.

“I work so hard for peace and forgiveness because I understand the impact of war in my devastated homeland,” says Bishop Kussala.

“The only way we can turn this story around is by focusing on development programs. People who are busy building their lives will have no time to go to war. Peace is development and development is peace.”

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Restoring and building up this poor country, as challenging as it may seem, is the first step towards positive change.

The South Sudanese, like all people, should be able to live in peace.
To have access to medicine. 
To have food to eat.
To go to school.
To have shelter.
And to have clean water to drink.

However, for these people to live and have hope for the future, we need your support to rehabilitate this underdeveloped country. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to ease their suffering.

Everybody is crying for peace. For us, peace is just that people should be able to sleep, wake up, go
to their farm, grow their food, and no one attacks them,” says Bishop Kussala.

Despite the inflicted suffering of these people, there are still signs of life and hope. And that hope is you.

Will you please support our peacebuilding efforts? With your donation today, we will remain in the region and do everything we can to pave the way for peace and prosperity.

“This is not the time to pull out of the crisis,” says Bishop Kussala. “It would be like pulling the plug on a patient that could still survive. We are in great difficulty, but we are not terminally ill. Don’t give up on us.”

Thank you for your generosity.

Neil A. Corkery


Neil A. Corkery President

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