Give the Gift of Hope this Holiday Season

This past year, the Sudan Relief Fund has worked tirelessly to assist those in need by providing food, medical care, clean water, and most importantly, hope. As we finish 2019, we’d like to encourage our generous donors to find it in their hearts to donate to one of our many causes. Please take a look at the various missions we’ve undertaken and find out how you can change the world and save lives.



Food Relief – Brother Bernhard and his fellow missionary, Brother Erich, have been responsible for organizing the delivery of food to the capital of Juba. The people there rely on these deliveries from the Nimule border (more than 200km away), and it’s not uncommon that these trucks are often hijacked by bandits. You can help provide Brother Bernhard and his team the funds they need to ensure food is delivered promptly and safely.



Water Relief – Clean water is not just a necessity, but access to it is a human right. In addition to providing emergency relief of clean water to the people, whenever possible, we help them construct and dig wells so they can self-sufficiently access water. By providing them with this access, the citizens will no longer have to suffer from thirst, dehydration, or disease.



Refugees – The civil war that has ravaged the country has left countless men, women, and children homeless. These refugees are desperately seeking a home anywhere they can away from violence, but not every location can properly accommodate them. One haven is the Rimenze camp, overseen by Bishop Eduardo Kussala and currently housing more than 7,000 refugees. Your contributions can help Bishop Kussala provide food, water, and medicine to the people of the camp until they can return to their homes again.



Sick Kids – Many of the people of the region are victims of several debilitating diseases, especially malaria. Nurse Noeleen is one of the few medical professional volunteers who has dedicated her life to provide care for 300,000 refugees at the Bidi Bidi refugee camp. She brings a travel suitcase filled with medicine to remote areas to attend to the sick, and without her help, many children will die due to lack of proper medical assistance.



Homeless – There are 16,000 homeless people living on the church grounds in the village of Wau. These people go to bed each night scared, hungry, thirsty, and oftentimes severely ill. They do not know what the future holds for them, but it appears very bleak. Donations help fund food kits to provide families with the sustenance they need to keep going.



Medicine – Proper medical care is very rare in the country. The people of the northern Nuba Mountains region have not received adequate medical services for more than 30 years. Now, many are fortunate enough to have access to a small but growing hospital, Mother of Mercy, and its volunteer US doctor, Tom Catena. Regretfully, the demand for care is much greater than what the little hospital can support. Dr. Tom and the hospital need funding for more medicine, better equipment, and more medical staff so that no one is left without the care they need or deserve.


We cannot stress enough the importance of your gifts to our cause. Every dollar makes a difference, whether it’s helping build a well for a community, delivering life-saving medicine to an expecting mother, or putting food in the mouths of starving orphans. Your contributions literally save lives.