(Photo Credit: Tim Freccia)

George Clooney turns spotlight onto Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

(Photo Credit: Tim Freccia)

American actor and activist George Clooney has played many parts, but his most important role may be the work he does off the screen.

The Hollywood actor is using his celebrity profile to capture media attention and raise awareness of the ongoing atrocities in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Over the years, Clooney has focused his time and energy reporting on the humanitarian crisis and how the civil war continues to affect—and kill—innocent civilians.

“There is a constant drip of terror,” Clooney says. “It’s keeping people from planting, farming, and surviving.”

“Just by being born in the Nuba Mountains, there’s a good possibility you’re going to die a violent death. The government is just trying to kill as many people as they can. ”

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Source: ASPIREist
George Clooney visits the Nuba region of Sudan to witness the horrors of the government’s campaign against its own people.

Clooney, and the Sudan Relief Fund, strongly believe no matter where you live in the world, every life matters.

And in this isolated place, life is a never-ending nightmare for hundreds and thousands of people.

 Here, people are literally starving to death.

They’re displaced from their homes – hiding in caves, in the bush, and crowded refugee camps.

And they often die from preventable and treatable diseases and infections.

It’s hard to even imagine the terror and destruction. What’s worse, the world knows very little of what is happening here.

 Clooney says people can make a difference amid a humanitarian crisis. And he’s right.

We can’t stress enough how much these suffering people need your help.

So please, take action now and help change the world for the better.

Yes, I want to help build a better life and beautiful future.